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OPIRG/GRIPO-Ottawa works toward social, environmental and economic justice. We support groups and research projects which contribute to accessibility, dignity and sustainability. 

In Memory of Jacob (Mowegan) Wawatie

In Memory of Jacob (Mowegan) Wawatie

Founding Elder – OPIRG`s Circle of Elders and well respected Algonquin Elder and Medicine Man Jacob Wawatie lived in Park La Verendrye at Kokomville Academy. He continues to be the driving force and spiritual compass for our organization. Jacob was deeply committed to our future generations and he dedicated his magical life to developing a liberating educational system, offered at Kokomville Academy.


Board of Directors

OPIRG-Ottawa’s Board members, most of whom are students, are dedicated volunteers who are making a real difference and gaining valuable experience while they discuss and determine OPIRG’s actions, priorities and policies.


OPIRG 's Staff

OPIRG has five awesome permanent staff members who work in the OPIRG office and keep and things in motion.  Feel free to drop by the office or send them an email if you would like to collaborate or have any questions. We also hire contract staff on a semi-regular basis and particularly during the summer.  Visit our blog for any current job postings.  



Part of the uOttawa community since 1978.
Impliqué dans la communauté de l'UOttawa depuis 1978.

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