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About Action Groups

OPIRG-Ottawa’s action groups are made up of dedicated students, university staff and community volunteers who work together on one or more topics related to social, environmental or economic justice. Their activities relieve suffering or promote dignity, health, sustainability or equity. OPIRG action groups are independent and organize a wide variety of events and projects. Action groups receive funding, training and other support from OPIRG-Ottawa. Here is OPIRG’s Action Groups Policy.






Campus-based groups whose activities reflect OPIRG’s mandate can apply to become OPIRG action groups. Please complete the AG application form  and send it to the Action Groups Coordinator at Ronda@opirg-gripo.ca.  Please also contact us if you would like to discuss creating a new group to work on an issue.


















Part of the uOttawa community since 1978.
Impliqué dans la communauté de l'UOttawa depuis 1978.

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