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This message was written in support of the Bawating Water Protectors and their allies during their mobilization around Canada Day.

On Turtle Island about 97.5% was the rate of extinction of our ancestors and, strange thing, the same rate was the usurpation rate at which the lands and territories became ‘owned’ by settler society. The anomalous sense of entitlement this civilization is showing is something completely alien to our cultures.

We are aware of the process of genocide, dispossession, exploitation, displacement and cooptation that are the institutional scaffolding of the colonial state of Canada. We support our sisters and brothers coming to the settlers’ capital to have their impeccable voices heard and their bodies of resistance be seen by all.

The peoples originating on these lands ARE the land; you cannot disassociate this cosmic parity. The colonial state has pretended to carry out an evil process of extermination of the peoples of the land, therefore the land itself. If you get rid of those that have their hearts and spirits in the land, you are missing, perhaps, the only chance settler society can have to offer their future generations a good planet to live.

It is our responsibility, as allied settlers, not only to accompany these defenders of the waters (and the land), but also to take action regarding the long nightmare of colonial domination.

Resistance to the invaders begun in the year 1493, when Taino chief Anacanoa was executed by the invader. People of the land (in the Abya-Yala and on Turtle Island) have been resisting ever since, and they are not going to cease any time soon.

The protectors that are on unceded and unsurrendered Anishinaabe land are fulfilling a sacred responsibility, honoring their ancestors and humbly committed to their future generations.

We humbly respect their actions and fully support them.


-Marcelo Saavedra-Vargas, Elder

On behalf of OPIRG-GRIPO