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OPIRG-Ottawa’s mandate is to bring together and build upon a broad-based community dedicated to social, economic and environmental justice. OPIRG is concerned with the contribution that students, the university and the community can make towards social change.

OPIRG is an independent, non-partisan organization, unaffiliated with any political party.  OPIRG focuses on awareness, education and action for positive change.


Ever since the first Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) was founded by Ralph Nader in 1971, PIRGs have been established all across the United States and Canada, including on campuses throughout Ontario. Funding for our lovely PIRG at the University of Ottawa was established by a student referendum on November 10, 1977 with support from over 75% of student voters. As soon as office space was found, OPIRG-Ottawa opened its doors officially in the fall of 1978. The Resource Centre was established in 1980, and in 2011, the graduate students also voted to help fund OPIRG-Ottawa’s work. In 2012, OPIRG-Ottawa’s Research Program was launched.  Our city also has another PIRG based at Carleton University.

Since our foundation, we have addressed issues of public concern such as tuition fees, environmental sustainability, poverty, ableism, war and occupation, sexism, racism, Indigenous sovereignty, cissexism, homophobia, migrants, prisons, food safety, transportation and more.  Over the years, OPIRG-Ottawa has supported the work of numerous campus and community groups working on these and other issues. OPIRG volunteers did the research necessary to set up our campus recycling program, one of the earliest in Ontario, as well as the composting program.  Our volunteers also requested and helped to create our campus Pride Centre, our Bicycle Coop, the Campus Sustainability office and the campus Community Garden.  OPIRG continues to offer a variety of activities such as movie nights, volunteer training, guest speakers, research projects, conferences, clothing swaps, support actions, workshops, information tables and opportunities for students to earn course credits while working with OPIRG.  We have plenty to do, and more volunteers are always welcome!


Part of the uOttawa community since 1978.
Impliqué dans la communauté de l'UOttawa depuis 1978.

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