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OPIRG Volunteers

The core energy behind OPIRG!

OPIRG-Ottawa believes that for effective social change to happen, it requires direct participation. Therefore, we encourage all of our members to get involved with our programming, action groups, resource centre, research, policy work, and more!

Our volunteers include students, University staff and community members who are passionate about challenging oppression and promoting social, economic, and environmental justice.  Through volunteering at OPIRG, amazing folks can meet one another, share important perspectives with one another, and gain new skills.   OPIRG-Ottawa can give references to volunteers on request as well.  Since our volunteers have a variety of backgrounds, interests, skills, and levels of commitment, there are many different ways for them to participate:

OPIRG Board of Directors

OPIRG’s 9 dedicated board members direct OPIRG’s work and set OPIRG’s priorities as an organization.  New volunteer board members are elected each spring at OPIRG’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).  In between elections, board members may be appointed to fill vacancies on the board. To find out more about our board, click here.

Action group members

OPIRG action groups work on a variety of issues, and all are run by enthusiastic volunteers.  The action groups are supported by OPIRG but are independent and choose their own activities. Many of them are looking for new volunteers and participants. See the descriptions of the volunteer action groups, and contact any which interest you to learn more about their events or how you can get involved. You can also contact OPIRG’s Action Groups Coordinator (gripoactiongroups@gmail.com) for more information.  If you wish, you can attend one or more events or become more active as a volunteer.

Programming, translation, promotion, research, and resource centre volunteers

Additional information about other volunteer opportunities at OPIRG is coming soon.  If you are interested in volunteering, contact our campus relations coordinator. If you have ideas about community based research please contact opirgresearch@gmail.com.


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