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PIRG Network


Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs) exist across Canada and the United States, and often work together to arrange speaking tours, raise funds, provide training and more.

Network of Ontario PIRGs

Most of the Public Interest Research Groups based in Ontario are members of Ontario PIRG, a provincial PIRG organization. The OPIRG Provincial Network arranges meetings so that members from individual PIRGs can meet, exchange ideas, receive training, and work together. There are 11 independent Public Interest Research Groups on Ontario university campuses which all share similar structures and mandates (see list below). Every year the provincial network organizes a few province-wide events including a Public Interest School and a Board Training School.


PIRGs in Western Canada

Here are some independent PIRGs located in western Canada:

British Columbia



PIRGs in Central and Eastern Canada



  • See list above for PIRGs belonging to the Ontario Provincial Network


Nova Scotia


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