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In the OPIRG office we have an extensive library with over 1,000 books, DVDs and zines (self-published booklets for sharing thoughts, knowledge and activities).

What topics do the books, zines, and DVDs in OPIRG’s Resource Centre cover?

 In OPIRG’s Resource Centre you will find information about a variety of topics related to our mandate of working for social, economic, and environmental justice.  You will find resources about activism, Indigenous resistance, anti-racism, bio-diversity, queer and trans* issues, war, environmental justice, urban issues, globalization, wealth & poverty, decolonization, anti-capitalism, corporations & education, feminism, (dis)ability justice, organic gardening, food sovereignty, reducing your environmental footprint and other topics.


Who can take materials out of OPIRG’s Resource Centre and for how long?

OPIRG members (uOttawa undergraduate students and full-time graduate students, as well as community members who have bought an OPIRG membership) are welcome to borrow resources from our library.  Materials must be signed out in person and returned within two weeks (one week for DVDs).


How can I find out more?

Resource Centre Holdings list, or look through the uOttawa Library catalogue where our books and DVDs are also listed.  If you have any additional questions, they can be directed to our Resource Centre Coordinator at gripocampus@gmail.com.


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